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Century Box had been active in Asia fo several years when it decided to set up Century Box China Ltd  in 2007

The goal was to further foster its presence in Asia as a global provider of luxury packaging and to strengthen its manufacturing basis in China

Century Box China  has established a production platform teaming up with experienced chinese producers to offer a very wide scope of manufacturing possibilities

Century Box China offers also innovative packaging solutions to the fast growing asian market. The company helps western luxury brands develop their business in Asia by offering a seamless logistic service for their packaging.

Century Box China Ltd is part of the Century Box Group of companies consisting of :  

In 2017, the Centurybox Group was born. We proudly introduce ourselve:
– Centurybox created in 1987. A belgian printer house specialized in digital printing and hot stamping.

– Centurybox China created in 2007. A producer of high end flat packed rigid boxes, paper bags and reusable bags.

– Cartotecnica Moderna created in 1969. An Italian factory producing high end paper bags, rigid boxes, magnetic flat packed boxes.

– Artigrafiche Paciotti created in 1978 is an Italian offset printer able to offer advanced services on modern publishing, art and photography printing books and luxury packaging.

Centurybox Group presents an unmatched array of technical, productive and creative capabilities.


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Idea Generation

Our in-house team of product designers utilise a range of creative techniques to generate new and exciting ideas to satisfy the brief. Our best ideas are presented to you as a stunning presentation in the form of mood boards, sketches or ultra-realistic 3D renders.

A development fee is agreed in order to supply visuals.


Product design is about making informed decisions based around user requirements to effectively and efficiently design new products.

We engage with each client to understand the brief and how it aligns with the company and overall brand objectives also identifying timescale, quantities, budget and user requirements.

Package Responsibly

We can play a part in minimising the packaging that can’t be recycled by considering the full life cycle of each element at the design stage.

Reducing the environmental impact of all packaging can be largely influenced at the design and specification stage.

A System in a Circular Economy

We must not look at a single item in isolation. Consider packaging as a complete system so that a reduction in one component is not cancelled out by an increase in another.


Our team.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Tel: +852 6353 2642


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Tel: +852 6353 2642

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We make beautiful, tactile and imaginative packaging that will act as a talking point and make an immediate impact.


Project Management

We are trained to meet the highest expectations of the luxury brands and understand their specific requirements.  

Our mission is to turn good ideas into great packagings. Through our own production platform and global network of trusted suppliers we can offer a wide range of off the shelf and bespoke packaging products, materials, papers, structures, fitment, printing and finishes. 


Product range:  Paper carrier bags, cardboard boxes, reusable bags and packaging accessories. 


Quality Control

We understand what luxury means. Our packaging is not just good enough but we strive to achieve the highest standards. Quality  is monitored at every step of the production process. We have in-house testing facilities allowing to measure the physical characteristics and forecast the behaviour of the packaging during its life. 



Centurybox Group presents an unmatched array of technical, productive and creative capabilities. By consolidating our skills and production tools, our costumers have access to a one stop shopping point for all their exclusive packaging

Requirements including:

– Prototyping, color proofing, structural design development.

– Small runs to be delivered in a short delivery time

– Large industrial runs where we put together the most effective industrial solutions.


Founder of Centurybox China LTD


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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